The festival Slatka Istra is held every year on the eve of Assumption Day, on August 14th, in the centre of Vižinada, on the old town square next to the Battisteli cistern. This event celebrates the sweet Istrian culinary tradition and which brings you its scents and flavours and takes you back to ancient times when Istrian craftsmen and women prepared traditional Istrian sweets. The event validates the past and its customs, the landscape and its people. This event are attending housewives and househusbands  preparing sweets according to old recipes, like fritule, kroštule, cukerančić, paštine, pandešpanj, pinca, breskvice, bucolaj and povetice, as well as a special homemade selection of cakes called „istarske užance“. While the jury assesses the sweets, visitors can enjoy the presented sweets and also try the unique wines of the local wineries, along with a rich music programme. The last couple of years Slatka Istra also has a humanitarian note, as the exhibited sweets are being sold for humanitarian purposes and the collected funds are passed on for a predetermined cause of social character. Visit Slatka Istra and experience the flavours and scents of the sweetest event in Istria.

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