The cistern šterna in Vižinada is one of the most important monuments of this type in Istria. It was built in 1782 according to a project of the Istrian architect Simeone Battistelli. It consists of a stone parapet with four pillars with access points on the south and north side, which are sometimes closed with metal doors. Above the two stone wells that are covered with metal lids, there is a unique iron arabesque – interesting baroque works of local blacksmiths craftsmen. The entire interior of the cistern is divided with pillars into three naves. The interior space can hold around 600.000 litres or 600 m2. The water from the surrounding roofs of the buildings has been run along the pillars to be filtered at the edges and has been deposited in the object, coming through the inner consoles in the buildings. The lion’s heads on both sides of the double-sides staircase of the southern façade of the cistern, served as overflow for excess water through the drainage that Vižinada has already since the 17th century. Each family could use a prescribed daily amount of water, until the installation of the water supply at the beginning of the 20th century.

The cistern is one of the sights of Vižinada, a place where locals meet and a whole series of events is taking place, from “Verši na sterni” Verses at the cistern, Sweet Istria, Parenzana, Ars sacre, the celebration of Saint Jerome and Assumption Day. It is planned to incorporate this very important object into the framework of the valorisation of the main square and the presentation of the touristic, economic and cultural potential of the whole area of the municipality.

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