This beautiful tour is another treat for road cycling lovers. As the name suggests, the tour passes by three famous Istrian castles, cultural monuments that represent rich cultural heritage of the region.
We start from Poreč, riding on the rolling terrain through the Poreč countryside we reach the first castle, medieval town of Sv. Lovreč. After Lovreč we continue towards the Lim fjord, natural canyon dominated by mystical ruins of castle Dvigrad. This ancient fortification reminds of scenery seen in The Lord of the Rings movies; it is a great photo point and a good place to make a short break. From Dvigrad we climb towards Kanfanar and continue to Sv. Vinčenat with its beautiful Girmani- Morosini renaissance palace located in the main square. This beautiful monument is commonly used as a stage for different cultural and musical events. On return, we once again descend into the Lim fjord from where we climb to Tinjan, Istrian town of prosciutto. From Tinjan we slowly descend back to Poreč.
The tour follows mainly low traffic roads in the hinterland with a few shorter and two longer climbs. Dynamic curvy roads, rolling terrain, numerous towns and villages it passes make this tour an inevitable itinerary for all road cyclists.
The villages on the route:

  • Dračevac, Montižana, Sv. Lovreč. Dvigrad, Kanfanar, Sv.Vinčenat, Žminj, Sv. Petar u Šumi, Tinjan, Muntrilj, Rapavel, Bačva, Kosinožići
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