The name of this picturesque family tour comes from ancient roman road Via Flavia that it partially follows. The start is at the main town square in Kaštelir in front of the church of St. Valentine, Kuzam and Damien. We leave the town slowly descending towards plateau above Mirna river valley from where we continue back to Kaštelir. The surface is mostly smooth gravel and asphalt roads with very little traffic. We ride through tame landscapes, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and forests, which are popular finding grounds of wild asparagus. In springtime, you can often see the locals in search of this famed delicacy. Small chapels found on the edges of the fields are a common sight in these parts; landowners have built them to protect the crops and ensure the good harvest.
Villages on the tour:

  • Kaštelir, Valentići, Sabadin, Mezgeci, Cerjani, Oršići, Vranići, Tadini, Krančići,Kaštelir
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