This MTB tour connects parts of few different bike trails passing through Kaštelir-Labinci Township, into a unique, interesting and in some parts technically challenging ride. The tour leads from Kaštelir, towards the slopes of the Mirna river valley, passing through the area famous as the finding grounds of wild asparagus, popular delicacy to which it owes its name.
The ride starts from the main square in Kaštelir; passing through Labinci, we arrive to Markovac where we join the Parenzana trail towards Vižinada. In village Ohinići, famous for its numerous winemakers, we leave Parenzana. We continue riding through the woods, olive groves and vineyards to Vrbanovica, a popular picnic spot with a fantastic view of the Mirna Valley. From here, we continue on a forest trail to Paragliding airdrome, a slope featuring the best photo point on the tour. From the Paragliding slope, we descend on a short but demanding single trail, probably the hardest part of the ride. From this point, we start a slow climb on the gravel roads back towards Kaštelir.
Villages on the tour:

  • Kaštelir, Ohnići, Rogovići.
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