Rich in natural and cultural beauties, Vižinada is a true cycling oasis in every season and the cycling trails are the ideal way to discover its natural beauty.

The bike trail „Vižinada“ (101)

is 24 km long and connected to several other trails. From the square of Vižinada you follow the road  to Buje, after about 5 kilometers you should turn left, in the villges Vrbani and Narduči. The next 10 kilometers drive along the asphalted road through Bajkini, Vranje Selo, Markovići, Ćuki and Brdo. At the ramp, turn left onto the macadam road, and after 1.1 km turn to the right, to the Vrbanovica viewpoint. Then go back trought the same route and return to the crossradt that leads to Mezgeci ,then  continue to Tadini near Kaštelir. In the village of Tadini, turn left and drive for 3 km through Baldaši, and after crossing the main road in Lašići, turn left for Staniši and drive to the main road to Ferenci. From Ferenci we turn left and arrive at the intersection of the former narrow-gauge Parenzana railway. From here it continues to the right to Vižinada.You can download the GPS track record here.

Along this path you will find a  dozen of  historic churches and chapels, some markets, restaurants and accommodation in Vižinada and Kaštelir. Views of the unique Istrian landscapes can be recorded at five prominent photo points. You can hire a guide in the tourist information center for riding this bike trail.



The “Trail of delicious flavours and advantures” (102)

is 30 km long and it  is connected to several other trails, so you must follow the markings set up to avoid a wrong turn. The trail leads to an area rich with agroturisms, wine and olive oil roads along with numerous cultural monuments and unexplored historical sites. The start of the trail is from the viewpoint at the entrance to the former Parenzana narrow-gauge railway. We follow the path of the narrow-gauge railway that leads to the village of Lašići. We continue along the asphalted road to village Baškoti then we turn to the left for Jadruhi. Another 2 km to Brig, then we are descending  through the forest road to the former Parenzana railway. Rride the railway for the next 3km and turn right to Rakotule, a place rich with historical churches decorated with frescoes. The church of St. Nicholas situated near Rakotule, with the frescoes of Venetian origin and the Glagotic inscripiton along them is very interesting . We continue along the path and before Karojba we turn to the right and reach the village Cerion. From here it continues straight to Vižinada with a short visit to agroturisms located in the villages of Mekiši and Ferenci. You can download the GPS track record here.

The “Vižinada Family”trail (103) 

The tour starts from Vižinada, following the path of the old Parenzana railway we arrive to the Village Bukori where we cross the main road and turn back towards Vižinada.  On this tour, we pass through numerous Istrian villages with typical stone houses, vineyards, olive groves, chestnut forests and areas of authentic Mediterranean vegetation.  Since the surface is mostly gravel, we recommend the use of mountain bikes.The trail is 13 km long.

The trail “On the edges of Poreč” (104)

This mountain bike trail leads through the area of Istrian hinterland famous for the numerous producers of excellent domestic products like wine, olive oil, prosciutto, truffles or lavender. Along the trail, you can find the signs for wine roads, olive oil roads and agro tourisms; these are a great choice for a short break from your ride. The tour is very dynamic with varied terrain; it even follows parts of the famous Parenzana trail.
The ride starts in Vižinada. We climb on the plateau above Mirna valley and slowly descend into winemaker’s village Ohnići; here we join the Parenzana trail towards Višnjan. Forest trails lead us to Ženodraga where we cross the Highway and continue to Baderna. From this point, we ride through the sparsely populated area towards Karojba. After crossing of the main road, we reach easy, paved downhill to the Paranzana Trail the which takes us back to Vižinada. The trail is 48km long.

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