One of the most beautiful views in Istria stretches from Vižinada. At its entrance, from the hill of Saint Toma, there are beautiful views of the local vineyards growing on the red and white soil, the gentle forested hills full of various fruits, on which Motovun, Završje and numerous other stone towns are situated, green fields lined with flowers, the rich valley of the river Mirna, and above all that the broad celestial cap, giving the observer a sense of complete freedom.

Its streets are eagerly welcoming every traveller offering him history and interesting things this small town can boast of. The street with the name Carlotta Grisi, a well-known ballet dancer from the 19th century, offers a light introduction with the first steps of Vižinada. Its square, with an old cistern with two wells, is proudly showing of its Venetian coat of arms and the old warehouse behind it, is preserving a stone-carved winged lion and a board with carved in taxes from the ancient port of Baštija, telling stories of ancient times.

In addition to historical and cultural sights, the rich vineyards that produce wines of special scents due to the quality of the soil, and the renowned cuisine enraptured by the fruits of this picturesque area, the old town of Vižinada offers unique recreational pleasures on the renovated Parenzana railway trail, the former railway link between the cities of Poreč and Trieste. On the 123 kilometres long route, walkers and cyclists will pass through fresh forests, beautiful towns, stone villages, secluded tunnels, cross over solid viaducts, not ceasing to wonder about the variety of landscapes and colours that this land abounds in.

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