Concert by Dennis Fantina and wine evening in Vižinada!

What happens when you combine great music and great wine? Another unforgettable “Wine Evening in Vižinada” awaits you on Sunday, August 7th!

Come under the romantic starry sky of beautiful Vižinada, taste the best wines from prestigious winemakers from this area and enjoy a great concert by Italian pop singer Dennis Fantina.

An unforgettable experience will be provided by the winemakers of Vižinada who will bring the best of their offer to the table and welcome you with their widely known hospitality. It will be the most beautiful experience for you this summer, especially when the space around the Battistela cistern and further through the stone streets of Vižinada, is filled with the sounds of Dennis Fantina’s melodies. Music and wine will delight you at their best this Sunday.

You will be able to buy a glass of wine for 30 HRK with a return voucher and with that glass taste a top wine at a price of 15 HRK per decilitre of wine. You can return the glass at any time with the voucher and get back the 30 HRK you paid for it.

See you on August 7th in Vižinada, because this wine and music fairy tale you should not miss!

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