Water reduction in Istria

Mandatory water saving measures

Dear visitors,

Due to the unfavourable hydrological situation in the Region of Istria, from Monday, July 18, 2022 the first measures to limit consumption of drinking water will be introduced.

Climate changes significantly affect our lives, but our daily behaviour can influence their negative effects to be significantly reduced. Istria has been without heavy rains for more than a year, so the supply of drinking water is becoming an increasing challenge.

In addition to an invitation to all residents and visitors of Istria to use water rationally, several mandatory reduction measures are being introduced because of the dry period we are currently in.

Ban on the use of drinking water in Istria

refers to the following activities:

– use of showers on the beaches

– vehicle washing (personal, cargo and public transport)

– washing all watercraft (ships, boats, yachts and all other sports and leisure facilities that are not watercraft)

– watering green public and private areas (does not apply to agriculture)

– watering of sports courts/pitches

– washing public areas, streets and squares, except for the areas of markets and fish markets.

A call to save water

We invite you to use water rationally, wherever possible, so that together we can meet the improvement of the hydrological situation on our peninsula more easily.

This call for savings and certain restrictions are preventive measures to ensure a constant and safe supply of drinking water in the coming period. In this way, we can avoid possible problems with water supply caused by force majeure and the introduction of additional measures.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation, in the hope that you will continue to enjoy your holiday and the fun days ahead of you!


Istria Tourist Board

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